6/15 – Wally-Style Welcome to Toronto

298 miles.

Davide and I poked around the Heidelberg Project a bit before heading east. Wally had reached out to me a while back from the blog, and we were aiming for his home. Progress was slow, getting turned around at the tunnel and then stuck in traffic on the Ambassador Bridge. Davide was overheating in all his gear, and we needed to wait it out at the nearby McD’s before getting back on the bikes. We ended up getting a small dinner in Hamilton as dusk settled around us, we were quite behind.

When we finally rolled into Wally’s, we were tired, sweaty, still vibrating from the road, but so glad to arrive. He sat us down in his cozy home, heated up some homemade fried rice (lap cheong!) and had a Radler to share. We watched the some Canadian religious program on TV (Stanley Cup) and talked about the Cross Egypt Challenge. What a welcome, I feel so lucky and couldn’t be happier to be here.

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