Ten Years.

Teaser from…5 years ago. Because I haven’t seen Serenity since then.

I’m breaking blog silence to say: Today is my 10 year “Roadiversary.” TEN. YEARS.

On May 5th in 2014, I left on a ride that would change the way I saw the world and shift the course my life far, far off the beaten path.

With each passing anniversary, it seems more incredulous that I’m still doing the thing. When does it stop? Does it still count on other vehicles? Does it even matter? It’s funny to look back at how it started—originally, I thought I’d be out for about 4 months and I was low-key on the hunt for a new home. Ha.

I suppose in a way I found it; a home on the road, a home within myself. I am home wherever I go, and I’m still at large! The pandemic may have slowed me down but I’m far from finished.

I’m sorry if you hoped for meatier content, but I’m grateful that past-me documented my Vespa travels so thoroughly. Some day soon, I’ll revive this blog and continue my travels on Serenity, my first home. Till then I have some other fun bikes and a van to give attention to, but I solemnly swear, I will be back.

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