Washington D.C., May 14-16, 2014.

Let me just start by saying this isn’t going to read so much like a tour of America’s capital so much as…Grace and I hang out and hit some bars. We know each other from middle school, and I’ve visited her in DC many times (even by scoot), so the ‘sights’ are checked off. What is DC for me then? Another (albeit slightly more uptight) urban playground that currently contains my very good friend!

Before I rolled into town though, by recommendation, I did stop by Parkville Crabs in Baltimore to pick up some seafood for dinner.

Exterior looks crabby.
Interior announces crabs. Helmet photo bomb.
They did not disappoint.

The first thing Grace did when I arrived? Reservation at the enigmatic Barmini.

So serious about cocktails.
It’s like the kind of drink you might have on a spaceship. Am I in the Heart of Gold?

Then this happened.

I gnome him from somewhere…
Gnome way.

Honestly, I was just happy to chat and catch up. We hung out at her place, I drew or tapped away at phone and keyboard, we streamed some TV shows, met up with friends for happy hour at new places, and rested. Lunch was ordered with Seamless, which I was far too excited about because it’s still too big for Providence.

Why yes, I do feel pretty happy.

Before Grace took off for a big family gathering, I tagged along to Rockville, MD, and was killed by some excellent Chinese food.

An onslaught of delicious at Taipei Cafe.

Let’s just zoom in on that shaved ice with grass jelly and red bean. Shhhh.

Grass jelly is medicinal, this is health food really.

It’s a good thing I’m taking off though, my wallet is having a hard time keeping up with so much urbanity.


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