Plan: Blue Ridge Parkway

That’s 469 miles of 35mph.

So, this is when things start getting new for the scoot.

The plan, outbound from DC: Blue Ridge Parkway. One Dogwood Classic Scooter Rally, then 1-2 nights of camping either along the parkway, or a jaunt into the mountains, or Hot Springs, mood and weather depending. Then, arrive at the home of author and fellow agency member, the gracious Alan Gratz. On this map, the total is 537 miles. Possibly looking at 4-5 consecutive days of camping, and all new ground for me and the scoot.

After a bit of recouping and laundry, I’d like to poke around Asheville, NC. A motorcycle-only campspot was recommended to me, at some point Deals Gap for the Tail of the Dragon is on, and then down to Atlanta to meet old family friends and new scooter friends.

End of the first leg!

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