4/17 – Book is done, no more delays!

Submitted final artwork for Picture Book today, what an amazing relief!

How bizarre to finally have it off my back. I could have gone with Plan A after all, if I hustled to pack everything up this weekend and said hasty goodbyes. Of course, that would leave no buffer time for potential revisions — it’s not entirely finished yet. Come to find out, there are also proofs, marketing team decisions, and who know what tweaks yet to come, but I’ll just have to handle it best I can on the road. Short of my scooter exploding, I feel like nothing is stopping me now.

But I am enjoying the decision to delay two weeks, to say farewell to friends and not immediately race to pack up. There’s a great and epic party coming up for a last RI hurrah, and a friend’s birthday in New York that will conveniently line up with a May 5th departure (although ‘May the Fourth be with you’ was a tempting date to choose).

The weather has gone cold again, but this just means I tested out my new Tourmaster Synergy rheostat with the G3s (no conflicts, much better). It made for a comfortable ride to Skyzone trampoline park, where a good RI buddy met me, and I proceeded to literally jump for joy.

Plus, routes for CORSette have been announced and I’m excitedly printing maps. It’ll be long, and my lower back may need to be rebuilt, but… dare I say it, I think it’s doable, winnable, and even fun!

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