4/12 – Three kisses for good luck and safe travels

Jenn bestowed the same good luck charm on me for my first long-distance trip.
Obviously it works because I’m still on two wheels!

It was lovely to see everyone who turned up at the Farewell/Help me finish my booze/Buy my things party I uh, threw for myself. Some people I haven’t see for a while, or are far away, or just hard to reach made it, and new RI friends stopped by too. Furniture was claimed, liquor was put to good use, and excellent company was enjoyed. As a naturally introverted person, it was odd being the converging point for a gathering this size, but I feel it was a proper sendoff for the only apartment I’ve ever actually been able to host enough people to call it a ‘party’. Stuff like this that reminds me how lucky I am to find such great people, and makes it hard to leave…oh wait, that was the whole point of this shebang.

Also, you know you have good people when they selflessly throw themselves and their livers towards your cause, namely, slaying my liquor collection.

The fallen.
I was still finding Miller half-lives tucked in odd places Sunday, like cute little reminders of the evening before (my positive attitude may be partly due to non-hangover status). And not a single spill. Oh, you guys.

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