Bridging the Gaps, the Definitive Guide to Steph Sightings in 2016

Pines to Palms Highway. Feb 29, 2016.

So, 2016 was a bit of a mess for the blog, and entries jumped around a bit. If you’re reading from start to finish or simply want to catch up, here’s my collection of events as they happened chronologically.

Going west («–this way) from Atlanta. Feb 4-9, 2016.
2,200 miles of Dos Vesperados. Feb 10-28, 2016.

From February 4th to 28th, I rode from my winter stop in Atlanta, GA to Las Vegas, NV with Fred. You can read about it here in four parts:

  1. Dos Vesperados, Part 1: The Prequel with Party Ice. February 4-9, 2016.
  2. Dos Vesperados, Part 2: The Hills, Big Bend, and I can see Mexico from my Scooter. February 10-17, 2016.
  3. Dos Vesperados, Part 3: White Sands, Sonorans, Trouble in a Dusty Paradise. February 18-22, 2016.
  4. Dos Vesperados, Part 4: The Rally Finale! Scooting into the Sunset. February 23-28, 2016.

On February 29th, I decided to keep riding west to San Diego, CA.

Still going.

I visited my friend in San Diego and met the great guys at Vespa Motorsport. On the way north, I met another long distance GTS rider extraordinaire, Karen.

Hi, Karen! Northridge, CA. March 5, 2016.
Bridge St Inn & Hostel, Cambria, CA. March 5, 2016.

Eventually, I wound my way back to San Francisco, where I picked up work PDI-ing bikes in the transition of Vespa to their new location at Scuderia West. Read all about it here:

Spring 2016 Edition of Where The Hell Is Steph Now

View from Twin Peaks, San Francisco, CA. March 19, 2016.
Group ride with Post Mods, San Francisco, CA. March 19, 2016.
Marin Headlands, CA. March 23, 2016.
Serenity goes dormant in Pete’s garage, San Francisco, CA. March 24, 2016.

On March 24th, Serenity went dormant. I took a wild chance and flew to Atlanta to build a bike with Fred. The intention was to ride it back to Boston via the Blue Ridge Parkway, and keep it as my East Coast bike.

Cheers, in Michael’s garage in Atlanta. March 30, 2016.
PX200 survived its maiden voyage to Norcross, GA. April 3, 2016.

That’s when things went quiet, because I was hit by a lousy Atlanta driver. Subsequently, the latter half of those plans were scrapped, and I flew to Fred’s to recover. You can read about it in my year end summary:

Here’s Looking At You, 2016

Once healed up enough to ride, I did manage a few shenanigans. Some highlights below that didn’t make it into the summary:

Davide’s Grom. Richmond, VA. May 7, 2016.
Fred’s Primavera for CORSette and Dogwood Rally, Stanardsville, VA. May 20, 2016.
Lammy Jammy in Duluth, MN with Fred. July 15, 2016.
Another Gudetama activation for Comic Con San Diego, CA. July 23, 2016.
Corralitos, CA. July 30, 2016.
Borrowing Fred’s GL for BG Literary agency retreat, Burlington, VT. Aug 10, 2016.
Rally of Northern Procrastination, Uxbridge, MA. August 20, 2016.
Scooting the Kancamagus. Lincoln, NH. Sept 17, 2016.
Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, Boston, MA. Sept 25, 2016.
Not Summit Point Rally, Gettysburg, PA. Oct 8, 2016.

Now that we’re caught up, check out my expedition plans for 2017:

Yukon Ho, I’m Going To Alaska!

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