Hello, Lubec, ME.

Found this lighthouse thing right before Canada…

I made it, right on time, and on a beautiful day too!

I struggle to begin to sum up my emotions right now. I have little to no angst, because in no way does it feel ‘over’. Tomorrow, I pack up my things, get back on the bike, and keep doing what I was doing before. The day after that, probably the same. I keep riding. And onward, until the next step. I suppose overwhelmingly, I feel free. I needed the construct of visiting the four corners of the U.S. to give me structure to start, but 34,488 miles and nearly 15 months later… I may have grown beyond it.

It’s a wonderful feeling. The blog is in no way over either, as I’ll be filling in overdue drawings and journal posts. Who knows what’s next.

Thanks for following the journey! I daresay to stay tuned for the next…


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