I’m still around! I just hopped a plane to California

Infinite Stephs in seat 12E.

Apologies for slow updates; I’m still alive! Just like last year around this time, rally season began and I’ve fallen behind. Not only that, but I have an exciting paying gig…in LA! Slagheap Cycles is giving my home a temporary home in Pittsburgh, and I’ve hopped a plane to San Francisco. I’ll be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between for a bit of work (and play!) for the next few weeks. With any luck, sometime in there the blog will get some attention.

If anyone happens to be going to Anime Expo, just going to say keep an eye out for a fleet of Vespas…

Borrowing Pete’s sweet new 300 and bubble visor for the ride down to LA.It’s not my bike, but it still sure is fun along Skyline Blvd! 450 miles is going to blow by.

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