5/19 – Trans American Trail goes through Scotland?

144 miles.

After a couple days of riding together, Chris was required to return to Tulsa. It’s always hard to part ways with a road buddy, and never seems to get easier. It was great getting to know him over the past few days. Maybe I’ll follow him on his epic trip to Alaska next year, bwa ha ha.

I never would have guessed I’d run into Amy in Arkansas, where she’s directing a play for the upcoming Shakespeare festival (among many other things, she’s the kind of person who is always juggling many fascinating projects). It’s fantastic to catch her in Conway, AR! We ended up both working most of the evening, and when she returned from work her suitemate, Shana, and I were still working. She just joined on her laptop. Ha. I love how Amy gets me.

This is what happens when you come back to cell phone coverage after several days of no-man’s-land.
All the text messages at once.

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