3/31 – Lukewarm Springs

176 miles.

Took the high road into Taos, and the low road back. There’s a dirt portion that drops you from the top of the canyon to the bottom, and then you follow the river – my favorite part. Also, it’s a good thing I got used to worse dirt roads in Mexico.

I followed a trail to Manby Hot Springs. Clothing is optional, but when I got there kids were playing. Also, the river was high so the pools were mostly submerged in cold river water. When the wind blew…brrr. Oh well, it’s a gorgeous hike and you can watch the river from the pools.

Oh yeah, and my first picture book, Such A Little Mouse, came out today!

Hostel buddies Jesse, Paul, and Danny and I went out for margaritas and mayhem to cap off the evening. Tomorrow, farewell to Santa Fe.

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