3/17 – Injera is Better With Friends

226 miles. Actually, that should read Tempe, AZ.

My check engine light came on and flicked off three times today. I checked the engine and oil level and there was no apparent reason for the light.

Then, Tim suggested perhaps it was due to lower octane fuel. I realized I was burning the last of my Mexican gas from the jerry can.

Could it be that my Vespa also just had a case of… bad gas from Mexico? Insert snickering here.

Speaking of gas, I had a fantastic Ethiopian dinner with Waldo and Piper, local scooter friend and roller derby daughter, and Tim, flown in from snow-covered Providence! I tend to overeat at Ethiopian restaurants, but sometimes it’s just so good. After my first return shower in US water, I hit the Airbnb bed and couldn’t move if I wanted to.

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