Gear Talk: Icon Pursuit Touchscreen Women’s Gloves from Motorcycle House

Quite tactile. Cradles my hands.

A while back, I was contacted by Motorcycle House to review one of their products. The Icon Pursuit Touchscreen Women’s Gloves caught my eye, and I can honestly say they are my new favorite go-to gloves for everyday riding.

Leather. Black. Knuckles. Non-flashy.

I admit, I don’t look for fanciness in gloves. Simple. Sturdy. Protective. I’d been considering upgrading to some gloves with knuckle protection, but what really cinched the deal for the Icon Pursuit was the touchscreen ability!


You have no idea how awesome this is for me. I use my phone for GPS as I ride across the country. At stop lights it’s super handy to able to zoom in/out to check progress (calm down, only at stop lights – there’s too much vibration to use a RAM mounted phone while actively riding anyhow). Also, I can pull over and search for nearby cafes and gas stations. Or enter my fuel mileage. Or send a quick ETA 5 min text so that my party knows to send out the dogs if I don’t show up. All without having to remove my gloves. It’s brilliant. Certainly a huge improvement on my previous attempts at touchscreen gloves.

With all the panels and seams and bits they felt stiff at first. It took a week or two to break in, and they’re quite tactile now. I can feel the buttons on my Satechi remote easily, and undo my helmet clasp. The fingertips take a little getting used to, because the touch-active part is the glove tip, not where your fingertip is. No problem, the sensitivity at the tip is great (that’s what she sai–nevermind).

Nice and pliable now.

My hands started sweating during these silly photoshoots, and I didn’t notice any venting so they may be too warm for summer. They’ve been perfect for daytime riding around San Francisco in December, and held up to brisk nighttime jaunts down to 15 C/59 F.

The sizing chart seems a little generous; according to their charts I’d wear a size Large, but when they arrived the fingers seemed to have a length appropriate for Jack Skellington. Thankfully, Motorcycle House was excellent about exchanging them and a Medium arrived in the mail very shortly.

And posing like Sailor Moon.

The takeaway: These are the all-purpose riding gloves I reach for. Bonus not being plastered over with ridiculous logos or other gaudiness. Understated functionality, I like very much.

Icon Pursuit Touchscreen Women’s Gloves, $85 from Motorcycle House. They also manufacture their own line of leather saddlebags, Viking Bags, and just launched a line of leather apparel, Viking Cycle – jackets, chaps, vests, gloves, you know the drill.

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