10/16 – Italian Fire Drill?

~37 miles. App crashed and I missed the trip into SF.

Going over the Bay Bridge, the lady at the toll booth said, “I donno how long you been riding, but stay on the sides of the road. The oil from the cars in the middle, they’ll mess ya up. My husband rides, he tol’ me that.”

Met up with Pete for Off The Grid at the Presidio, a collection of food trucks, with live music on the lawn. The libations vendor had the perfect hot spiced cider for a chilly night. I had a crazy good time following him around SF, he drives like it’s SE Asia. We stopped at Treasure Island for a fantastic view of the city, before I continued the rest of the way over the bridge back to Oakland. Ahh, night rides in the city.

I’d joked that an “Italian fire drill” was putting your Vespa on its stand at a stop light to adjust gear, including sleeping bags repurposed as scooter aprons.

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