Plan: The Grand Canyon and Vegas, baby

Heads up, I’m going to drop off the internet for a little, but hopefully not off the canyon edge! Changing gears from fulltime traveler back to something of a weekend warrior was much needed for the first week, but the Roar was just saving itself up. Winter would soon limit mountain travel, and next spring seems so far away. That’s when I saw that Sash and Steve would be in Vegas, for Sash’s birthday. Time to start planning a mini-trip (a scant 2,000 miles, ha) to see her, and perhaps swing by some of the sights in Nevada and Arizona before it gets too cold.

Apologies that posts have fallen behind a bit, I was rushing to finish work-type stuff before I go!

After all this time, I still have anxiety before traveling. I know I’ll feel better once I’m on the road, but getting started means overcoming the inertia of staying in one place. It never seems to get less-inertia-y.

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