Stats: Where Do I Stay?

I love charts.

An often asked questions has been: Where do you stay? Since I’ve now crossed the four month mark and am staying put for a while, here’s a pie chart.

Out of 125 nights, I stayed:

  • 11 nights with folks from (5) or the ADV forums (6). What a great community.
  • 13 nights with AirBnb (9), hostels (3), or a motel (1, and the cheapest one I’ve ever been in).
  • 27 nights of camping (9 of them at rallies).
  • 24 nights with my seester.
  • 50 nights with friends, some I’ve known almost my whole life, some I hadn’t met before.

You know that sense that everything you’ve done in life has been leading up to this point? The friends who have opened their spare rooms, couches, and futons to me have really highlighted that feeling, ADV and CS included. I’ve stayed with friends from Providence to Hong Kong, people involved in roller derby and kungfu, authors and artists, motorcyclists, mechanics, scooterists, and scooterist’s siblings. I stayed with my dad’s colleague, and family friends that I’ve known so long they are like family. I slept on the lawn of a museum and within the walls of a Motor Drome. The most anxiety-making thing on the road is wondering where I’ll sleep next, and it wouldn’t be the same without the kindness of friends sharing their homes!

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