8/11 – Chance Convention of Kindred Spirits

312 miles.

I was going to leave the Choteau City Park & Campground, but took the ranger’s advice and rounded the bend to the tree-shaded side. Two BMW motorcycles were parked there, along with a bicycle, car, and camper. I’m glad I stopped after all, and met Voni and Paul Glaves. Also, Aurelie, a cyclist visiting from France, Don, car-camping from Portland, OR, and Max the dog who belongs to a camper I can’t remember the name of. It was a serendipitous meeting of travelers. Our modes of transport were diverse, but maybe our approaches to travel were similar? In the morning we all packed up and went our separate ways, in the words of Don, vanishing “like soap bubbles.” I suppose that’s the way with travelers, but some people can leave a lasting impression in just a brief meeting.

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