Philadelphia, PA, May 11-14, 2014.

I took the free-est route out of the city: Brooklyn Bridge to Holland Tunnel, then on the Pulaski Skyway out of Newark. The Giraffe met up with me in Elizabeth, NJ, and we rode down Rt 1 till the tolls stopped, and Interstated the rest of the way. I know, not the most interesting route, but I’m still retracing old roads and it was a beautiful day regardless. Total about 96 miles.

We were overnighting with one of his best friend from school days in western Philly. For me, I wanted to explore the city more, since it’s in the running for where I’ll end up after this crazy scooting around. But in between, some sightseeing was to happen. First stop: Eastern State Penitentiary.I’ve actually already been here before (like I said, retracing old roads), but was happy to go again. It’s creepy, ruined, and then wonderfully rescued. Yes, it’s $14, but I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Steve Buscemi narrates the audio tour.
Tree is making a break for it.
Caption reads, “The meaning of their project has long been forgotten.”

Also, did I mention it got hot enough to wear a skirt?

Nice tush.

Refreshments were had at the old part of Market Street.

Oldest working soda fountain in America.
I’ll give you my “Two Cents”…
Hark: History.

To be honest, if it were just me I wouldn’t bother with the parking, crowds, heat, and other headache that comes with such a tourist-crammed area. But the Giraffe is a history guy, so I tried not to go on a murderous rampage on all the school groups swarming the green in front of Independence Hall. I’m much more of a, Great! I’ve read about this on Wikipedia, type of person, so mercifully we went to lunch after a quick peek at the bell through glass. Lunch line beats bell line.

Neon lures us.
Classic beef with green pepper and sharp provolone. Wet = pour tasty gravy all over that.

Reading Market, much more my speed. I’ve had Philly cheesesteaks in Philly before so felt no need to hammer the point home, but it was lunchtime and this place looked great. Turns out Dinic’s is widely considered The Best. Check, and check.

Curse you, vile temptress apple dumpling. I’m already full.
Chocolate teeth, and lots of chocolate anatomy in the same case. A nod to the Mutter Museum perhaps.

Adrienne’s cat kept trying to steal my chicken wings, so we changed venues. This is not a problem because I had more excuse to hang out with Nikki, who I met at the WD3 rally. She’s the organization force behind this year’s CORSA and CORSette races!

Back off, kitty.

Popped by Philadelphia Scooters to say hi to people on the way. Scoot’s fine, just sayin’ hi and looking at your Stellas and Enfields and stuff.

Look what the cat dragged in.
Gracious host and all around awesome person!
First garage stay for scooter, and what great company (there’s a Dream in the back!).

Nikki took a solo moto trip across the US too, among her other adventures! Great stories, alas that the Giraffe was killed off early by allergies, but perhaps he tires of ride talk. Gladly, I was also able to catch Rich and Melissa from Philadelphia Scooters for breakfast at Melrose Diner, before continuing to DC later that day. Seems like the scooter scene is around Passyunk (“Pa-SHUNK”).

Fuel for the ride(r).

Although the Giraffe was visiting his friend too, the other reason he drove down from Providence was to swap out my laptop and work gear for camping gear. The handoff was made, and then it was parting time for reals. We joke that he’s my Claudio, so I apologize if there’s a decline in quality of photo taking from here on out.

Camping setup: GO.

Adventure time for real. Oh god all the nature… after DC, that is!

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