5/8 – Laundry in the City

Oh boy, everyone gets to see all my penmanship mistakes.
Aw, I feel like I live in the city again…except that would mean hauling an enormous load of laundry sherpa-style to the laundromat. Actually, the main reason I’m doing laundry so soon is because I don’t want to look funny this weekend when meeting Matt’s mom, and hanging out with normal people. It’s too soon for the summer clothing I packed, but all that’s currently left is sports clothing – wicking type stuff I can wear under riding gear for days before it’ll be smelly, bwahaha. However, I haven’t been riding since I got here, so my supply of ‘normal’ shirts is exhausted.
And it’s Matt’s birthday today, so I want to look smart-ish when we hit town! Oh, Brooklyn, you wonderful, expensive playground.

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