3/28 – Onboard Technology FTW part 2

In Part 1 of onboard technology/sanity keeping devices, I got around in-helmet mic expensiveness. Today, before the rain started I ran an action test: works great! Only going to use it on boring stretches of road though; it’s not without an attention load.

I’d long wanted a remote shutter device, as well as an easier way to control music inflight. Apps were failing me, and my previous bluetooth Clipper was not great for my purposes. Enter the Satechi Bluetooth Media Remote. I caught it on sale, and can attest that it’s a marvelous, simple, lightweight accessory. I use it to control music in my studio while working, and now, with 25 cents worth of adhesive backed velcro, I hope to use it on the road.

Step 1: Stick velcro to things.
Leave a slice for access to two CR-2025 batteries, supposed to last 6 months.
Step 2: Um. Stick things to velcro. That’s all for today.

Guess this means I’m ‘over’ sticking things to my scooter. And yes, it’s sideways, to make it easier to reach with my left hand. Happily, it seems to stay put well, yet comes off easily enough for wet weather or remote shutter purposes.

Velcro: my scooter’s first sticker.

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